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Welcome to JC Controls vacuum gauge web site. We are a manufacturer of various vacuum gauges including thermocouple vacuum gauges. After 10 years of building vacuum controllers, we have come up with 3 thermocouple configurations to meet most vacuum needs.

The TC -100 is a low cost vacuum gauge designed to replace fragile analog meters.

The TC-500 is a portable vacuum gauge that operates 180 hours on a disposable 9V battery.

The TC-610 vacuum meter offers 1/8 DIN packaging, two process setpoints and digital display.

These controllers are designed to read low vacuum in the range of 20 torr to 1.0 x 10-3 torr (mmHg ). Some common uses for the controllers include: checking mechanical vacuum pumps, monitoring vacuum insulated lines, refrigeration recharge, tracking vacuum chamber pressure or neon sign manufacturing. We designed our controls to use Teledyne Hastings thermocouple tubes.

Since 95% of our business is from repeat customers you can be sure of our reliability, along with continued support and service from JC Controls for years to come.


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